Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Awe Inspiring Titcomb Basin Trail

Back to reality and civilization here for Travis and myself as we have made our way out of the Wind River Range and into Pinedale to catch up with the rest of the group. The two of us were lucky enough to get an early start as the backpacking group and eagerly made our way out to Seneca Lake on the first day of our travels. We made it to Titcomb Basin by day two and were overwhelmed by the spectacular views. It just so happens that the Titcomb Basin was recently profiled in Backpacker Magazine as one of the 10 most memorable hiking destinations in North America. One of the most memorable quotes came from a gentleman we ran into at a trail junction who admitted that "The Winds sure don't like to let people in!" and I can definitely empathize with that as I will be nursing some sore calves for the next week. Day three brought us to Indian Basin under the menacing faces of Harrower, Jackson and Fremont Peaks that presented us with quite a light show. After an early morning hike to Indian Pass for Travis, we made our way 16 miles back to the trailhead by nightfall (a little later for myself) and promptly laid out next to the car for the night. The hardest part is going to be sorting through images to edit, but here is a quick one for the time being. I'll be posting more in the coming days, but could not wait to let at least one or two out into the open! Thank you so much to the town and people of Pinedale and the Wind River Range! It truly was an amazing experience and I can't wait for my next trip to the Winds and a few nights stay out here at the Log Cabin Motel.


Justin Wilhelm

Above: Titcomb Basin

Below: Fremont Peak and Jackson Peak

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